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What services do we offer?

Remote recording sessions - Record in your favorite acoustic space, whether it be a church, an auditorium, a theatre, one of the area's great concert halls or even at your home.

Session recording - Have us record your next project in a formal recording studio.

Concert recording - We'll come to your concert, setup and make a professional recording.

Editing, Mixing and Mastering - Your project is recorded but needs to be finished? You've come to the right place! We have the experience of editing classical projects with hundreds or thousands of takes into a cohesive work, up to the high standards of top-level artists and composers.

Live sound mixing - We're not just about recording projects. We also have extensive experience mixing live shows including jazz combos, big bands, full orchestras, chamber ensembles, new music (often with exacting sound design elements), rock, R&B, funk, soul, gospel, world music, musical theatre - just about everything!

Your music is our music. We know our acoustic music, whether it's jazz or classical or a blending of the two. This enables us to work on classical projects from solo artists to large orchestras with chorus. If jazz is your area, we've worked on hundreds of projects from combos to large big bands.

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